Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finding The Best Medical Alert Systems for You

Choosing the best medical alert systems for your needs depends on your activity level

Advances in modern medicine have helped retirees to stay healthy enough to go on living at home longer than ever before, and this means they also enjoy a higher level of activity. The only problem with elderly people continuing to living alone is that they are particularly at risk for accidents that include falling, a home invasion or a fire. Fortunately, acquiring one of the best medical alert systems for their circumstances increases the safety of an aging parent while living alone.

Several decades ago grandparents often moved in with one of their children rather than live alone, but both parents of modern families often work full-time. This means that Grandma or Grandpa would be spending several hours a day alone, so an accident could clearly present a serious health risk. Many families feel their best course of action is to purchase one of the best medical alert systems available, ensuring their loved one is able to call for help immediately if needed. The specific needs of a senior should be identified before the right medical alert system can be purchased.

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Traditional In-Home Medical Alert Systems

When medical alert systems were originally developed, the systems were for in-home use only. While these systems have likely saved many seniors who needed help when an in-home emergency occurred, the initial expense and long-term contract was a concern for many. The best medical alert systems available today offer automatic fall protection from a small, wearable alert device. Some of these systems work through a traditional land line, but this limitation is not an issue for seniors with severe limited mobility. One important consideration is that automatic fall detection is essential for elderly people with severe hearing loss.

Portable and Mobile Medical Alert Systems

Modern medical alert systems use technology that allow the devices to operate on GPS technology, so more active seniors are protected wherever cellular service is available. Most of these alert devices are waterproof and offer fall detection with no monthly contract and minimal service charges. The best medical alert systems offer several layers of protection at home and away, and caretakers can choose who should be called in case of an emergency.

Seniors who wish to lead an active lifestyle with greater independence can do so without causing undue worry to their loved ones. Seniors and their families have the ability to choose the medical alert system best suited to their needs whatever their level of physical ability or living arrangements.

Choose the best medical life alert system for your needs, and get the peace of mind needed to live independently at home.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Call Button For Elderly At Home

Today, more elderly adults are choosing to age in place at home with the help of their family and friends.

elderly woman
While living alone offers seniors an opportunity to enjoy their independence, it also poses a few risks. Fortunately, a call button for elderly adults provides families with the security of knowing that their loved one can simply send an alert for help should they experience an emergency.

Risks for Seniors Living Alone

When a senior lives alone, their changing health needs and abilities put them at risk for emergencies. For example, a new medication could cause a senior to become dizzy and fall. Seniors are also more vulnerable to house fires if they struggle with memory loss. For seniors with lowered immune systems, even a small cold could lead to them developing serious symptoms that requires them to use their call button for elderly adult assistance.

Affordable Monitoring

call button worn by elderly woman gardening
Seniors often live on a fixed budget after retirement, which makes it important to find care options that are affordable. A call button for elderly adults only costs one dollar a day, and the benefits it provides are priceless. Just knowing that they have a way to instantly receive help in an emergency gives seniors the confidence they need to enjoy living independently. A senior can wear the small, portable call button at all times, and it does not interfere with their mobility. This means that a senior has access to this lifesaving alert system no matter where they go in their home, and it even works outdoors.

Increase Quality of Life

When a senior has a call button for elderly adults, they are able to bathe, prepare meals and complete household chores without worrying about what could happen in an emergency. Family caregivers can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one is protected from harm when they are alone. This eliminates the potential of developing caregiver guilt, and many families find that promoting independence for their elderly loved one improves their relationship.

Access to prompt emergency monitoring services is essential for seniors living alone since all it takes is just one fall to leave them vulnerable to long-term injuries. Fortunately, a call button for elderly adults grants immediate access to a lifesaving alert system that will ensure help arrives within minutes. By equipping seniors with this easy-to-use and comfortable device, families never have to worry about their loved one’s safety at home.